DrinkTanks Keg Cap Accessory Kit


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The Keg Cap is easily the most exciting accessory in the micro-brew industry. It turns your DrinkTanks® Growler into a personal, portable Keg. This product is custom designed for DrinkTanks Growlers.

This interchangeable cap can be used on DrinkTanks Classic 64 oz and 128 oz Growler.

DrinkTanks had two things in mind during design:

1). Create a method to preserve the life of the beer after filling the DrinkTanks Growler by having the option to inject CO2.

2). A method to dispense the beer without opening the growler.

*Use your Standard Cap for transporting your DrinkTanks Growler. Add the Keg Cap after you pour your first beer. Cheers!

DrinkTanks growler sold separately