Dads for Daughters: How Fathers Can Give their Daughters a Better, Brighter, Fairer Future


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by Michelle Travis

Paperback, 224 pages


Build a More Equitable World for Your Daughter

"If you're a dad who wants to create a fairer and more equal world for your daughters to thrive in, this book is a must-read!" --Jerry Yang, cofounder & former CEO of Yahoo! Inc.

Winner 2020 Living Now Gold Award, Family & Parenting
Today's dads are raising confident, empowered daughters who believe they can achieve anything. But the world is still profoundly unequal, with workplaces built by men, a massive gender pay gap, and deeply ingrained gender stereotypes. Dads For Daughters: HowFathers Can Give Girls a Better, Brighter, Fairer Future offers fathers guidance for building a more equal world for their daughters.

Invest in your daughter's future. Inspired by their daughters, dads are uniquely positioned to become powerful allies for girls and women. That's where Dads ForDaughters can help. With this book, you'll find:
  • Concrete strategies for creating a better tomorrow for the girls and women in your life
  • Inspiring stories from dads of daughters who are already having an impact
  • Resources for becoming a stronger male ally in your workplace and community
  • Advice for engaging other men in gender equality efforts
Lean In for dads. There are so many ways that dads of daughters can make a difference--from mentoring women to equalizing pay, from sports fields to science labs, from building empathy to combating gender bias, from boardrooms to ballot boxes. With every small step, dads have the power to make incredible changes for our next generation of girls. Dads ForDaughters also offers women a guide for recruiting men into action. Together, we can give all of our daughters a happier, more successful future.