Taking The Stress Out of Groomsmen Gifting

Taking The Stress Out of Groomsmen Gifting

Grooms: You have so much to think about leading up to your wedding day, and so many decisions seem out of your control. One decision that you can make is what to get your groomsmen for a thank-you gift. Typically, your best man and ushers (collectively, the groomsmen) are your best friends and close family friends, but in many cases a groomsman may be part of the brides family or even a bridesmaid’s partner so you may not know them as well as others in your group. Deciding on a thank you gift does not have to be a daunting task.

A groomsman’s gift is typically a way for you to say thank you for everything that special group will do for you on your special day. They may be renting a tux, attending the rehearsals and pre-wedding functions and activities, ushering in guests, making speeches and generally looking good as part of the wedding party. And let’s not even mention that bachelor party that they threw for you! So you want to pick something special that they will enjoy and keep to remember your friendship.

So, the first question is: do all the gifts need to be the same. Let’s face it, if you pick out one gift and multiply times the number of people in your party, you are done. But, you may want to get a bigger gift for your best man (he is probably your best friend or your brother and you want to spend a little more on him). Typically, all of the ushers receive the same gift, but it is your wedding, if you know the group well and want to select individual gifts that makes it even more special.

When do I give them the gift? If you are having a rehearsal dinner or even a first look, that is a great time to break out the gifts, especially if it is something they can use that day, like a Xikar cigar cutter or a premium lighter to light those cigars. If you give them a leather bag they may be able to use it to pack in style for the wedding so they can even be shipped out in advance. You can also wait until after the ceremony and give your gifts at the reception. Think about how they will need to transport the gifts home. A large item might not work well if you are all getting on a plane after the ceremony. If you are giving them all an awesome Benchmade knife, you want to make sure they are checked and not in your carry on.

When should I buy my gifts? Don’t wait until the last minute. Once your wedding party is set it is a great idea to get your order in at the Man Cave. If you need multiple items we may need to get more to fill your order. You may want to have items engraved, or you might want to ship them out. The more time you have to get your order in place the better. One less stress as your big day approaches.

So many choices… what do I pick? A groomsman gift is a very personal item. Make it fit your personality. Maybe you have a special sports team, or a hobby. Is the whole group sporting beards, how about a shaving/grooming kit? Maybe your wedding party likes to drink – how about a DrinkTank that will not only come in handy at the wedding but will last for a long time for your future events. If you can’t decide on one item, we can also create custom gift baskets just for your group.

Call us at the Man Cave and we can help you select the perfect groomsman gift for your wedding party.